Comprehensive Winery Management Ecosystem

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The wine business is complicated enough. Your software doesn’t need to be.



Why believe us?

Our DNA is unique in the industry. The deeper you dig, the more you’ll see how important that is.

First, our founder has built a very successful direct-to-consumer winery, hands-on in every job (and loving it) from farming to winemaking to hospitality. So he knows first-hand what it takes to succeed in DTC.

KE – Winery owner; client since 2016
“The fact that the founder is a winery owner with a great technology background makes a real difference.”

Second, he led the creation of QuickBooks®, which revolutionized accounting software by making it easy to use. So he knows business software, and small business.

He and his team spent years quietly building CompleteDTC, using it in the real world to find the ideal balance between the power you need to run your business and the ease-of-use your people need so they can do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

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A big system for smaller wineries

Big wineries need specialized systems for every department, because each one has a discrete, dedicated team.

LL – DTC Director; client since 2013
“I’ve pretty much used them all, and CompleteDTC is by far the most user-friendly, intuitive system out there.”

But smaller wineries like yours don’t have VPs of Anything: everyone wears multiple hats.

So just as you use QuickBooks rather than enterprise accounting, you will benefit from systems that are optimized for the unique nature of your business.

In fact, what you really need is one system, not a patchwork quilt: having everything in one place just works better, and is much easier to learn, manage, and use — which frees you and your team up to do more important things.

Like making wine. And money.

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One size doesn’t fit all

Most vendors will tell you theirs is the perfect solution, regardless of who you are. Sadly, that not only isn’t true — it actually can’t be: large wineries and small wineries have very different needs.

Paul Leary — Industry Consultant
“The more you know about running a DTC wine business, the more impressed you will be with CompleteDTC. I only wish it were available for my large clients.’

But we are passionate about your success — which is why we spend time interviewing every prospective client to make sure CompleteDTC is the right solution for them.

If it’s not, we’ll recommend something else.

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Meet the most comprehensive solution in the industry



Full point-of-sale system — desktop and iPad application — with the ability to have different product sets in different environments


Multiple, mobile-friendly webstore options give you flexibility in how you present your catalog, including on-the-fly product landing pages

Complete club management, including Shipment Wizard, Member Portal, and Cellar Status™

Sales Wizard
Powerful outbound calling system enables your team to make thoughtful connections with your customers and club members to spur sales and improve retention

Wholesale and 3-tier management and reporting is built in


Full-featured, built-in reservation system lets visitors book online; online RSVP feature works great for managing events

SimpleCRM™ gathers all information about every customer, including order and club history, all outbound communications, and more

Easily keep track of where your customers and club members are coming from, so you can acknowledge their help

Marketing Wizard
Our unique Marketing Wizard provides unequaled insights into your customers, along with powerful tools to segment and reach them


Workflow management
Powerful, flexible order management — including bulk-processing of club and futures orders

Seamless integration with virtually every shipper; select deep integrations turn shipping into an asset

Weather Impact
Real-time weather data lets you know — before you ship — what the temperature will be when your package arrives

Multi-location inventory tracking, with full reporting


Over 125 reports give you and your team deep insight in ways only a fully integrated system can provide

Hourly employees can clock in and out right in the system, making time-keeping a breeze

CompleteDTC makes compliance a snap, with best-of-class systems, backed by our network of partners who eliminate headaches and save you thousands each year.

QuickBooks Integration
Intelligent, seamless integration with QuickBooks Online that your accountant and your bookkeeper will love


Training is always available, so new employees can get up to speed quickly

Responsive, knowledgeable support 7 days a week at the click of a button, because we know you can’t afford to be stuck

We not only host your website; we actively monitor its security and keep everything patched and up-to-date

NO surprises
The price is the price: unlike many, CompleteDTC doesn’t take a percentage of your sales, or charge for support or training or new features